Should You Use A Click Bait Headline For Your Blog ?

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July 27, 2016
click bait graph

Increasing Traffic by Click-bait

Nowadays, companies use a number of methods to make way for increased traffic for their website. Traffic is one of the most significant factor to decide the popularity or success of your website. Hence, in order to catch the attention of the audience, content writers have come up with so many techniques.
Among the many techniques, one of the most common ways of increasing traffic is by using headlines that will psychologically compel the viewer to click on them. But one might not find things that one expects.
This is basically done to attract the audience’s attention and also increase clicks!

click bait graph

As we can see, most people prefer to read click-baits.

This is because they help in drawing the attention of the audience in the most interesting and playful manner. Also these headlines get a lot of likes and shares in reasonably less amount of time.
The most common way to write click bait is to use superlative degrees, exaggerated words etc. For example:
Bizarre way of satisfaction!
Don’t ignore it or you will feel guilty forever!
10 things you didn’t know about reality tv shows
Top 5 easy ways to lose weight

But Should You Use It?

The thing is that they work…but the real question is, is it right for your business?
The answer is that they will increase your traffic but, will not be helpful in maintaining the traffic acquired by the clicks.
Doing anything like this might have a very negative impact on your potential customer. This is because the viewer didn’t get what he/she thought while clicking on your site.
This might increase your clicks but will not be helpful in converting the clicks into customers. So, it is very important to build trust in your traffic to make the long term relationship work.
Headline just helps in bringing people to your website, but to make them stay, you need content that they expect inside that heading.
So, the bottom line is, use the heading only if truly goes with the content.

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